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New Zealand - Day Two

Monday 5th April 2010

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08.00 on Monday 5th and Andy is already talking with a kiwi accent, numnut! The boys slept all night which is brilliant but just as we were patting ourslves on the back that we had beaten jet lag, Fin decided to throw up out the back door! Great! After an hour's lie down for Fin and buckets of disinfectant for us Fin was feeling much better, thank goodness. Thank you to Erica, James and the boys who kindly gave up their house for us.

Erica packed up a picnic and then it was off to Auckland Zoo. The weather here is amazing even though it is technically Autumn the sun is so hot. The zoo was brilliant. All the enclosures are really green and the animals actually look happy. We even got to see a kiwi which we never were able to do when we were here before. Fin and Ollie are loving it and Fin has even started walking around with no shoes on like the Griffin boys.

After a long day mooching round the zoo was it home to nice glass of cold white? No, back to the beach so that Fin can madly go swimmimg again and get wiped out by huge waves. No suprise then that Ollie and Fin crashed out before dinner and were eventually transferred into their jammies and bed. Hopefully they won't be up at four in the morning! It is starting to feel in the evenings that we forgot to bring our children with us!!

Well a couple of glasses of Sauv Blanc for us, some yummy spag bol cooked by the lovely Erica and in bed by half nine.........aahh the wild life of travelling eh!

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New Zealand - Day One

Sunday 4th April 2010

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Landed 06.00 am local time, half an hour earlier than scheduled, the boys were very excited after such a long flight and ran through the airport shouting yeah and hello to everyone. We had trouble keeping up with them especially as we were loaded down with the three bags of hand luggage that had magically multiplied into six plus the buggy.
The queue for passport control was massive, we were so close, so Hazel pinched Oliver and made him cry which worked a treat as the custom officers let us go to the front. Nice work H!

After Oliver entertained the waiting crowds by comically walking past the exit down a dead end and then coming back and peeking round the door in Morecombe and wise fashion we found Erica. Thank goodness Erica was waiting for us otherwise I don’t know how we would have made it to her house in one piece. It felt so unreal finally being here, after months of planning and stressing, we were finally here and it felt just like we were visiting friends in England for the weekend. Surreal.

After one of Jamie’s special coffees and a hot shower we felt more normal although light headed. Oliver set about finding every ball in the house which was more rugby balls than footballs and Fin settled down to some serious lego making with the Griffin boys. We decided to succumb to the tiredness and have a little sleep. After Andy giving it large that he was gonna go hardcore and stay up all day, he was he first one asleep.

I thought the flight would be the worst bit but waking up those boys and trying to get them going again after a couple of hours snooze was horrendous. Luckily Erica and James are old hands at this and whisked us out to North End which is an old army battery on a hill with the most amazing views over Auckland and wicked underground tunnels to explore. Although Auckland is the biggest city in NZ it is so clean and green. Not like good old blighty. We then had to go the beach as Fin was DESPERATE! I’ve never seen someone get their swimmers and get in the sea so quickly. It was cold as well, he is the bravest boy, defo a surfer in the making!!

I forgot how much I loved the way kiwis have indoor outdoor living the doors are always open and it is so relaxed. Back home for a Barbie and collapsing in bed by nine. Exhausted!

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